Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wow....and it's only Saturday!

It has been over a year since Parker left us to stay the night away from home, but we decided that we would let her go spend some time with her Granny and Pop. When she goes to their house she usually stays the entire weekend. I have to admit, I did not want to let her go. The older she gets, the more fun she is to spend time with....and I was going to MISS her SO much! I left her with my mom around 6pm on Friday and at 8ish, my mom called. Parker got on the phone and told me she wanted to come home and sleep in HER bed and that I should come pick her up. I wanted to cry. I missed her too. However, I knew that she would be fine, so I decided to leave her there as long as my mom could get her to go to bed....and she did. They went to the zoo today, but my mom and stepdad received a troubling call from his family in Arkansas related to his in short, we picked Parker up around 3. She was so happy to see us and while we enjoyed a late lunch at Sammy's Grill in Central (which I HIGHLY recommend!) , squeezed my face and told me "I missed you SO much!" OMG, I melted and nearly cried! How can such a small, young person be so amazing?!?

We got home and it was so nice things needed to be done.....soooo, we raked and dug out the ditch some, worked in the garden, cleaned the garage and cleaned house too. Now, I will be working in the office on some of my Pampered Chef office work. LOVE days of being productive. OH, and today made 2 full weeks that I have been to the gym and counted my calories!!!!! WAHOO!

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